Analyzing Opioid Utilization Data Presentation

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Analyzing Opioid Utilization Data Presentation

Come see Jason Helmandollar, Principal Investigator and Rob Finlayson, Director of Healthcare Strategy present “Analyzing Opioid Utilization Data” at the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA) Rising Trends Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, August 23, 2016.


Jason and Rob will demonstrate ways to use data you already have to find and stop opioid abuse across prescribers, patients, and pharmacies as well as examine the power of opioid-specific analysis techniques, such as morphine equivalency and overlapping prescriptions.


Using Your Existing Data to Find Opioid Issues


Morphine Equivalency – MME

  • Rankings with counts and dollars can only tell you so much. Use MME (Morphine Milligrams Equivalent) to get a true picture of opioid volume and strength
  • Average Daily MME metrics allow you to compare prescribers, patients and pharmacies to each other and established standards


Overlapping Prescriptions

  • Identify over-prescribers and potential “doctor shoppers” by measuring the way opioid prescriptions overlap with each other
  • Measures like “Overlapping Days Count” and “Overlap Percentage” bring previously-hidden outliers to light


The Power of Analytics

  • All of the techniques described are possible with your existing tools — but let us show you a peek of what they can do within an analytics platform
  • Illuminate the intelligence you already have and get instant answers to complicated questions with no technical skills required